What is a Health Care Proxy, Is it Necessary?

health care proxy

A Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney is document that lets you assign the responsibility for your medical care decisions to a trusted person in your life. This is a means of having someone else make decisions for you when you find that you are unable to.

While you may not think it’s a good idea to hand over the decision making process for your health and welfare to another person, it can be beneficial. First, you won’t be letting a stranger make your decisions; you’ll be asking someone you know well, who you respect, and who cares about your health and well-being. Second, you’ll be able to discuss your expectations and your wishes with that person so that they are aware of what they’ll be doing. You won’t just have this sprung on them when you’re unable to discuss this in detail.

Finally, you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that if fate intervenes and you are incapable of making your wishes known, you’ll have an advocate on your behalf. By enlisting another person to act in your best interests when you are unable to – whether due to illness or emergency – you’ll be able to get the medical care you wanted.

LegalZen offers the option of creating a Health Care Power of Attorney that can set you on your way to knowing that your needs are taken care of.